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Introducing the Hotel Particulier Beziers

In early spring, under a wide blue sky, The Hôtel Particulier Béziers opened its doors for the first time.

Douches XXL de l'hôtel particulier Suite avec baignoire balnéo de l'hôtel particulier

With its modest size and its internal features, it exemplifies a new generation of boutique hotels where comfort trumps ostentatious design, and personal service and a warm welcome rate higher than a large number of rooms.

At the Hôtel Particulier you’ll find:

Premium service, a focus on comfort, and a charming environment that’s on the safe, familiar scale of a private home, buck the trend of passing fads and fashions and make The Hôtel Particulier Béziers a unique place to stay.

The whole team is focused on ensuring our guests are completely satisfied.

Small details make the great Hotels !

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Written by Chrystele on 25 02 2015 in Events