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L'Hotel Particulier Béziers

Welcome La Ramoneta

lhotel-particulier-beziers-002Quand La Ramoneta (blog life style en Languedoc) passe nous rendre visite, il en résulte un très sympathique compte rendu !

“Contemporary design and great service at L’Hotel Particulier in Béziers”

Last week, chéri surprised me with a romantic getaway. The fabulous four-star L’Hotel Particulier in Béziers pampered us for two whole days. It was great from the very start we entered the beautiful late 19th-century mansion full of history! After a warm welcome in the serene and very tastefully decorated salon “Coté Sud”, we immediately felt at home.

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Small details make the great Hotels !

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Written by Hotel Particulier on 10 10 2017 in Actualites de l'Hotel Particulier, Press